• How far ahead of an event should I place my order?
    • Two weeks ahead of time is safe. Ten days ahead is possible, but pushing it.
  • Do you deliver?
    • Yes, in a refrigerated truck. You cake will stay fresh until its ready to be eaten.
  • What does delivery cost?
    • It varies, from around $30 within Las Vegas, around $40 to Henderson, and around $60 to Mount Charleston.
  • Do you carry cake toppers?
    • Yes. The selection changes too fast to display on the website, but we have a wide variety in-store, including interracial couples, humorous, and traditional.
  • I see a cake I like on your site, but I want it in a different color. Possible?
    • Of course.
  • I see a cake I like on your site, but I want it to be a different size. Possible?
    • Almost always yes.
  • Does Dominique still bake the cakes himself?
    • The Gourmet Cake Factory is too popular for Dominique to still complete every cake. Every order is built from his recipes, by one of four chefs all personally trained by Mr. Garel himself.
  • Can I have a cake shaped like a letter or a number?
    • Only the number one is available. For other letters and numbers, many other creative solutions will yield great results.

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